Our headquarter, the „Kund” manor House

It was 25 years ago when we first crossed the bridge over the Korokna bridge on a warm day in May. The old, abandoned homesteads of Kakpuszta, the ancient oak trees of the grazing pasture, the storks’ nest on the well’s main pole are all reminiscent parts of the scenery in which the manor house of Somogyfajsz was a touching sight.

Asking the locals we found out that the manor house was the home of the Kund family. They lived in the building and managed the farmlands around it. After the departure of the owners, the following decades were dark ages for the building. It housed the cinema, the office of the farm co-operative, changing rooms for the local football team, and a sock-factory. The western wing of the manor house was ruined. An interesting part of the cultural history of the building is that this was the place where some of the scenes of Maximilan Schell’s film, The First Love was filmed.

Walking down the herding road we could see the remains of the Kund family’s charnel house. The roof had collapsed long before and a lonely birch tree grew on the edge of it. The once wealthy village became impoverished. We heard stories about István Fekete, about the Black Mill, and other stories about Badány, about Fajsz – the tribe leader, and about the tragic death of the Kund Lord.

Ten years later the building became headquarters of our association, which opened a new chapter in our history.