Our Reserves – Green Corridor Ecological Network

Fish Ponds

The use of fishpond areas bought on conservation purposes differs from the general methods of fish farming practices. They are functioning as “stepping stones” enabling the migration of species and the exchange of genetic information. They are permanent feeding grounds for waterfowls, black storks, white-tailed eagles, otters etc. SPANC’s primary nature conservation goal is to protect these habitats and provide the basic vital conditions for the animals living here such as breeding sites and food.

Sustainable Grasslands

Over the last centuries, grazing woods characteristic to Inner-Somogy were created by the development of animal grazing. From the 1950s, raising of large animals became typical. Then, in the 1970s, because of the worsening marketing conditions, the grazing of livestock by private farmers began to rapidly decrease. Recently, the raising of grazing animals practically does not exist in Inner-Somogy. The unfavourable ecological and economic effects of this resulted in an almost irreversible process. Part of the former great pasture land was ploughed creating a substantial area of low quality land that can no longer be economically cultivated. Other areas were afforested with acacia, black pine or poplar trees which were not suitable to the local biodiversity. The abandoned pasture lands became weedy and overgrown with bushes. Many botanical and zoological values characteristic to these grazing woods and sandy grasslands have already disappeared or are in the process of disappearing. In the course of land purchase, in addition to buying wetlands SPANC bought 200 ha grasslands near Somogyfajsz.